Who We Are

Farmville Baptist is a community of moderate Baptists with a long and rich history. We affirm the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message of the Southern Baptist Convention. In 2000, the church voted to withdraw from the Southern Baptist Convention, but we are affiliated with the Baptist General Association of Virginia and the Southside Baptist Association. We support the state and national Cooperative Baptist Fellowship organizations, and we actively participate in joint ministerial ventures with other Christian churches in the Farmville area under the auspices of the Farmville Area Ministerial Association.

We hope that when you’re in the Farmville area, you’ll come be our guest!

History Highlights

1831 – Farmville Baptist Church, originally known as First Baptist Church, was birthed by members of Sharon Baptist Church at Sandy River.

1835 – The church purchased the property on the corner of Fourth and Main Streets.

1836 – The first structure was built, formally dedicated on November 25, 1836.

1855-56 – A second church building was built on the present site at 132 Main Street.

1885 – On September 1, 1885 two women were formerly included on a church committee. Prior to that date all church business had been conducted by the male members.

1912-14 – The congregation had outgrown the church space, and another building was constructed. The pipe organ, which is still in use, was installed.

1947 – The Rev. Benjamin Bruner preached the church’s first radio broadcast on Radio Station WSVS.

1956 – The church acquired the Hubbard property to use for Sunday School classes. Today it is the parking lot.

1960 – The church underwent a major fundraising and remodeling project.

1966 – The Church hired its first associate minister, the William Shockley, to be the Minister of Music and Education.

1968 – On February 11, a note burning service was held commemorating the final payment on the remodeled church.

1976 – The church membership was divided with about half of the members leaving to establish Heritage Baptist Church.

1999 – The church hired Susan Joyce as its first female associate minister.

2000 – Farmville Baptist Church joined the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, withdrawing membership from the Southern Baptist Convention.