The Master Chief’s Sea Stories —
Navy life at its most vivid

Hey — listen to this one, it’s a no-shitter.

Welcome to The Master Chief’s Sea Stories. Everyone loves a good story … try a thousand! Master Chief Moye masterfully shares his memories of the events that inspired his transition from a timid boy from the hills of southern Indiana into a battle-ready Cold War sailor aboard one of the U.S. Navy’s most battle-efficient ships.

For millennia, sailors have told stories of the sea. Moye’s stories are an autobiographical account based on comprehensive journals he maintained during his 27 years in the United States Navy. (Sample below from November 4–6, 1976. Please excuse grammatical errors.) This factual account details experiences ranging from tragic to euphoric … sometimes on the same day.

Moye’s sea stories not only tell of the master chief’s life but the lives of his shipmates, capturing an unmatched historical rendering of Navy life in a bygone era. Based on his journals, Moye expands each journal entry with detailed memories of Navy life. Expected to be a five-book series, The Master Chief’s Sea Stories are required reading for anyone interested in the Navy, personal growth, happiness, failure, and success. Those stories are all here.

ITCM (SW) Moye — Non-Commissioned Officer in charge of NATO Communications Facility–Supreme Allied Commander Staff, Norfolk, Virginia. Smiling because, similar to admirals, no one messes with the master chief.

A bygone era

Master Chief Moye colorfully describes his and the lives of other U.S. Navy sailors in a bygone era. No longer can sailors carouse overseas ports in a dangerously drunken stupor, finding their way back to the ship just in time to assume duty. Then do it again the following day. Feel emotions pour through each line of stories transforming a naïve boy from a small town in the hills to a hardened, battle-ready Cold War sailor.

Our lives are told in stories, be them happy, sad, respectful, or profane. Follow Moye as he learns, leads, laughs, cries, fails, and succeeds. The Master Chief spins his yarns of an era where much was expected and accepted. Actions that are no longer militarily or socially acceptable.

Due to his access to highly sensitive materials, the master chief’s books must first pass muster with the United States Department of Defense (DOD). Book 4 is now in progress. Check back here periodically for updates.


Once put to sea, sailors are forever changed.

Thieving part of each soul, the sea absorbs immortal

emotions and energy of those who sail upon her. …


… Forever connecting each sailor, what the sea takes,

she returns, equally redistributing to all

who depend upon her care.  (Moye, March 1983)

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